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OMT (formerly known as One More Time) is Dick Kuhn, Mike Aquino, & Dave Benziger on guitar and vocals, Jason Trtan on bass, and Bobby Carroll on drums and vocals.  Throughout their careers they each are accomplished in their own right, having had such opportunities to work and perform with musicians such as Dave Bickler & Jim Peterik (Survivor – Eye of the Tiger), & Brian Wilson (Beach Boys).  When they meet together on the stage, they make magic combining the sounds of their instruments and their 5 part harmonizations.

They play a variety of music ranging from Rock to Country, from Classic songs to Current.  Their approach is simply choosing a set list of popular works to play, adding to them a twist of their own style.  For the last three decades, they continue to be a local favorite delivering a steady diet of intense improvisation.

OMT regularly appears at local venues like Frankie’s Blue Room in Naperville and in some of the areas most popular music festivals such as Naperville’s “Rib Fest” and “Last Fling” events. The band supports live music and venues that promote live music. OMT supports music of all genres and frequently invites other musicians to perform with them.

Song List

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For Bookings contact Dick Kuhn at 630-602-4638




“‘OMT’ brings local flavor to Ribfest.” Stephanie Penick, Daily Herald.

“They deliver something magical to each song when they perform live.  Song’s I didn’t know I liked, I end up loving.” Jenny Franck, Mahvrick A/R; Singer/Songwriter.

“My favorite band to see live. They are fun, energetic, and fill the room up with awesome sounds.” Ed Peterson, Peterson Design.